Add profiles to a Team

Admins in Pingboard can add anyone to a Team a couple of different ways:

  • Click on the Team you need to join from the Teams page of the Directory. Click the Add to Team button, then type the name of the person you want to add. You can also associate another Team or Location with the Team you’re editing – especially helpful if you have a lot of people that belong to multiple teams.
  • On the Teams page, hover over the Team you want to edit and click on the Edit button to start editing that team. Click on the Manage Members tab, then click the Add to Team button to start adding members, Locations, or other Teams into the team you’re editing. 
  • You can also add people to teams by editing the "Teams” section in that person’s profile.

Employees, by default, can add themselves to teams via the “Teams” section of their profile. Or, add yourself to a team by navigating to that team’s page and clicking the Join Team button with the flag icon, located just underneath the team’s name.

Tip Team permissions are set by your Admin, so contact your Pingboard’s Admin if you can’t edit the “Teams” section in your profile or have trouble adding yourself to a specific Team.

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