Start adding your company data to Pingboard

Admins are responsible for importing employee data ahead of time – profiles in Pingboard can't be filled out by employees unless an admin creates a profile for them first. All you'll need to create an initial employee profile is a name, though you'll be asked to include a person's email address in order to invite them to start using Pingboard.

Admins in Pingboard can input and edit data for employees in a number of ways:
  • If you’ve only got a couple of people to add, you can add their Name, Email, Job Title, and Location by clicking the “Add Employee” button on the Directory page
  • Admins can upload profile information for people in their company with a CSV bulk-import. Click here to download our CSV template and get started with your CSV bulk-import (make sure you're logged into Pingboard before you click the link)
  • If your company uses Google Apps or Okta to store and sort employee information, either of these services can be synced to instantly import employee data. Click here to start setting up Google or Okta's sync features. You can access your import options anytime by clicking on the Admin menu and selecting Sync & Import to see your import options.

Employees can also edit their own profiles once they've been created, so it doesn't have to be up to your admin to fill out every detail for them ahead of time. Admins can also set permissions around which fields are open for Employees to edit.

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