Manage Accounts and Account types

Admins in Pingboard can identify other admins by checking the Employees page (click Admin, then Employees from the drop-down menu). Click on the the Permissions row on the Employees page to sort everyone by their permissions in Pingboard (Admins will appear at the top).
Admin permissions can be added or removed by clicking on the ellipsis icon to the right of a person’s name and selecting Make an Admin.

There is no default setting to help Employees find their Pingboard Admins.
It's not uncommon for an Employee in Pingboard to need a change made to their profile that only an Admin can make, so while providing a way for Employees to identify their Admins in Pingboard is optional, we suggest creating a Group called "Pingboard Admins" and adding all of your admin-level users to that Group in case someone needs to contact them.

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