Share your Org Chart with people outside of your Pingboard account

Creating a shared link to your chart is a great way to give people without a Pingboard profile access to your chart. For instance, your Board of Directors may not need to be included in your Pingboard Directory, but may still want to be able to pull up and navigate through your Org Chart and its details.

Admins can turn on sharing by clicking Share in the upper-right corner of the Org Chart page. Click the button marked Link Sharing is Off to turn sharing on and copy your Shared Org Chart link. 

Turning sharing options off or regenerating your share link will destroy access to the current link, and turning it back on (or regenerating the link) will create a fresh link for you to share with a new group of people who need access.

If you've created Departments on your Org Chart, you can also use the Departments Filter to share a specific Department's section of the Org Chart.

  1. Click on the Department filter in the upper-left corner of the Org Chart page to filter down to the Department you want to view
  2. Click Share in the upper-right corner
  3. Click Copy and select Current View to copy and share a link to that specific Department's section of the Org Chart

That link shares the specific Department view you've selected, but keep in mind that your entire Org Chart is still technically shared as viewers can still use the filtering tools on the Shared Org Chart to reveal the full chart.

Tip Only your Org Chart will be shared – all profile information and other sections of Pingboard will still only be accessible by employees who can sign in to Pingboard.

Note Org Chart Sharing is available on our Team and Company Plans.

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