Invite people to Pingboard

Your organization's Pingboard is accessible by invite only. The link in their invite email from Pingboard is their key to claim their profile and log into Pingboard for the first time, and Admins are responsible for inviting people to Pingboard once they're finished with their setup. Admins can also customize the invite email with any information they need to include.

To invite people to start using Pingboard:

  1. Click on the Admin menu and select Employees.
  2. To invite everyone, click on the Invite button, then select Invite *X* New Employees. The number of employees that you see will correspond to the number of profiles you have in Pingboard.
  3. To invite only specific people, click on the check-box next to the name and photo of the person/people you want to invite, then click Invite selected employees.

If you're using our Google Apps or Okta integrations to sync Employee information to Pingboard, you also have the option to automatically invite new Employees to Pingboard as they're added to Google/Okta.

Tip You can also invite people as you add them manually from the Directory page. Click on the Add Pingboarder button and make sure that the Invite to Join Pingboard slider is on (blue)

Note We strongly recommend setting up a few key features in Pingboard before sending everyone an invite, so please reach out to us if you have any questions or want a second pair of eyes on your setup.

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