Add or Remove Employees from a Location

With default settings, Employees can add or remove themselves to Locations by editing the “Location” section of their profiles or using the Join and Leave buttons on Location pages in the Directory.


Admins can add and remove people by editing the "Location" section of an employee's profile. Or, edit Location assignments in bulk:

  1. Navigate to the Directory and select Location, then choose the Location you want to edit.
  2. Select the More (...) button and choose Manage Members.
  3. To add employees, select the Add to Location button then search for and select new members from your organization (you can also add entire other Groups or Locations by searching for them by name).
  4. To remove employees from the Location, check the box next to one or more employees then use the Remove x employees button.


Note: Location permissions are set by your Admin, so contact your Pingboard’s Admin if you can’t edit the “Location” section in your profile or have trouble adding yourself to a specific Location. Keep in mind that each Profile can only belong to one Location at a time.

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