Customize Team permissions

Almost every element in Pingboard, Teams included, has a Permissions tab for admins to set visibility and accessibility. There are two permissions options available to admins when creating or editing a team:

  • Employees can view this team – Turning this on or off will change whether or not non-admins can see the team 
  • Employees can join and leave this team – Turning this on or off will determine whether or not non-admins will be able to join the team themselves, or whether they will need to be added by an admin.

To edit permissions for an existing team, click on the team you'd like to edit from the Teams section of the Directory, then click the blue Edit Team button in the top-right corner (or click the Edit link that appears when you hover over a team card).

Permission options are at the bottom of the Team editor. Be sure to click Save after you've made your changes.

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