Choose the Right Custom Field Type for Your Data

When creating Custom Fields, choose between any of the following field types to make sure your data is presented in the place and format in profiles:

  • Text: Text-box of either short or long length, best for bios, stories, or short notes.
  • Choice: Drop-down menu, allowing employees to choose one or more items from a list of options. Data in a Choice field type can be color-coded
  • Tag: Automatically creates a tag for your company's Pingboard every time a new answer is entered. Best used for fields like “Interests”, “Favorite Foods”, etc – these tags become searchable by default, so you can see if multiple employees enjoy the same interests, foods, share the same skills, etc.

  • Phone: For entering phone numbers (appears in the top section of a person's profile, underneath their main phone number).
  • Email: For entering email addresses (appears in the top section of a person's profile, underneath their main email address).
  • URL: Choose a title for your field and use it to store URLs to important data like "Resumé/CV", "Seating Chart Position", etc.

  • Date: For entering dates, like start-dates, anniversaries, or dates of specific accomplishments.
  • Number: For asking about numbers, like “How many cats do you own?” or "What's your employee number?"
  • Checkbox: One or more checkboxes defined by admins. This is another good one to use for specific interests or skills as they pertain to your company.
  • Person: Drop-down menu, allowing employees to select from other users in your organization's Pingboard – best used for fields like “I report to”, “Favorite Person”, or "Work Buddy".
  • Address: For fields like "Home Address", "PO Box", etc.

Tip: If showing Location on a role card, use a Choice field to be able to color-code them for easier at-a-glance viewing of who works where. 

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