Set view and edit permissions for Custom Fields

Admins in Pingboard control whether a field can be seen and edited by employees from the Custom Fields page.

To edit a field's permissions, select Custom Fields from the Admin menu, then click on a field and select its Permissions tab to manage rules for that field:

View Permissions

  • Company - Anyone in your company can see this field and the individual field data for each person in Pingboard
  • Private - Only the individual filling out the field, along with their Admins, can see this field and its data in their profile.
  • Admin Only – Making a field “admin only” means the field appears in the “Admin-Only” section of a person’s profile, and can only be viewed and edited by administrators.

Editing Permissions

  • Employee can edit – turning this off will mean that only Admins will be able to fill out a field
  • Employee must complete – turning this on makes a field mandatory before profile changes can be saved
  • Include in searches – by default, Pingboard allows people to search for people in their company according to fields. Turn this permission off to exclude a field from being searchable. 

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