Set View and Edit Permissions for Custom Fields

Admins in Pingboard control whether a field can be seen and edited by employees from the Custom Fields page.

Click Account > Custom Fields, then select a field and choose its Permissions tab to manage rules for that field:

Visibility Permissions

  • Everyone - Anyone in your company can see this field and the data in it for each person in Pingboard.
  • Private (Employee, Admins, & Company Editors) – Admins and Company Editors can see this field and the data in employee Profiles, and employees can edit and view their own information (for example, an employee can see and edit their private Food Allergies data, but cannot see or edit anyone else's).
  • Limited (Admins & Company Editors) – Appears in the "Admin-Only" section of a person's profile, can only be seen and edited by Administrators and Company Editors.

Editing Permissions

  • Only Admin or Company Editor can edit – A field may be viewable by everyone, but this setting only allows an Admin or Company Editor to edit it. For example, often used for fields like Start Date or Employee ID.
  • Required – Employees must fill this field in their profile before they are able to save changes.
  • Exclude in searches – By default, Pingboard allows people to search for people in their company according to fields. This permission excludes a field from appearing in search results.

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