Export Reports for Status Data

If you're using the Status Add-On, Pingboard keeps track of Status totals, and Admins can view totals anytime from the Reports page.

Select Reports from the left side menu, then select one of the available Status reports to view totals for that event type. For a full summary, select All Statuses to pull totals across all status types.


In addition to the 5 reports available for specific status types, there are two more comprehensive reports available:

All Statuses totals up statuses across all types to give you the total number of days an employee has had an active status during your chosen date-range to the nearest half day.

Status Details is best for when you need all of the information about statuses, providing the date statuses were created, the start and end timestamps, and the descriptions included by employees.

Tip: Statuses are totaled to the nearest 1/2 day:
  • Any status under two hours doesn't count toward reporting and will only appear in Status Details reports.
  • Statuses lasting between 2-6 hours will count as a half(.5) day.
  • Statuses lasting between 6-24 hours count as one (1) full day.

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