Export Out of Office data

If you're using the Out of Office Add-On, Pingboard keeps track of Out of Office totals and admins can view the totals anytime from the Reports page.

Click Admin, then select Reports to get there, then select the type of Out of Office report you need to see totals for that status type (or select All Out of Office to pull totals across all status types.) 

A work day in Pingboard is 6am to 6pm, according to your local time, and totals are pulled according to the following rules:

  • Any OOO message under two hours doesn't count toward a status, and won’t be included in Out of Office reports.
  • Out of Office statuses lasting between 2-6 hours will count as a half day. 
  • Statuses lasting between 6 and 24 hours count as a full day. 
  • Weekends are not included in Out of Office reporting by default but can be included by clicking the Include Weekends button in an Out of Office report
  • Holidays are included in Out of Office reporting by default, so we advise companies who take holidays off to not include those days in their Out of Office statuses

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