Add, edit, or remove Custom Fields

Custom Fields allow you to capture custom pieces of information about your employees, specific to your company's needs. New Custom Fields can only be added by Admins.

To add a Custom Field:

  1. Click Admin, select Custom Fields from the drop-down menu
  2. Click the green New Field button
  3. Choose a Field Type from the drop-down menu (click here to learn more about Field Types)
  4. Enter in the details for your new Custom Field (be sure to take a look at the Permissions tab), then click Create Field

Click on any existing Custom Field to edit details for the field or change its permissions.

Delete fields by clicking on them and selecting Delete from the listed options.

Tip Default fields can't be deleted, but you can edit their permissions so that they'll only be visible to Admins. Select Admin Only in the field's Permissions tab and save your changes.

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