Give Admin permissions to an existing profile

Admins in Pingboard have control over almost all content in Pingboard. Admins can also give other Employees admin permissions from the Employees page. To give other users Admin permissions:

  1. Click on Admin and select Employees from the drop-down menu
  2. Find or search for the employee you want to give admin privileges, then click on the "..." button to the right of their name and select Make an Admin

You can also add Admin privileges to someone's account on their profile page:

  1. Search for the person in Pingboard and click on their badge to view their profile
  2.  On their profile page, click on the "..." button and select Make an Admin, then click Ok

Admin privileges can be removed following the above steps and selecting Remove Admin. When you select that option, a person's Admin privileges will be removed, but their profile will remain in Pingboard.

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