Change an Employee's Access Level

Pingboard offers three levels of access for people on Team and Company plans: Admin, Pro, and Employee.

Learn more: Pingboard User Roles and Access

If the Admin or Pro User you're trying to create hasn't already been invited to Pingboard, click Invite and select their permission level to invite them as an Admin or Pro.

If they are already invited and have access to Pingboard, you can change their level of access by following these steps:

  1. Click on Admin and select Employees from the drop-down menu
  2. Find or search for the employee you want to grant additional access to, then click the More (...) button to the right of their name and select Change Permissions



You can also add edit someone's access level from their Profile:

  1. Search for the person in Pingboard and click on their badge to view their profile
  2.  On their profile page, click on the More (...) button and select Change Permissions, select a new access level and click Save


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