All new statuses in Pingboard are automatically approved, but Admins and managers in Pingboard can deny upcoming statuses. Admins can deny anyone's status, managers can deny the statuses of anyone that reports to them.

decline a status from the Pingboard calendar page

To deny a status update:

  1. Select Calendar, then use the search filters at the top of the page to find the status you're looking for by name, group, location, etc. You can also use the date filters on the right to select the date of the status you need to deny.
  2. Once you’ve found the status you need to deny, hover over it and select the More (...) button to the right of the status message, then choose Decline. You'll be prompted to leave a short message explaining your reason for declining the status, the message will be delivered in an email notification to the status owner.
Tip: If your company has status notifications turned on, managers should be able to edit their Preferences to receive email notifications anytime one of their Direct Reports creates a new status. Those notifications include a link to edit or deny that status and send a message to the employee.

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