User Roles and Access Level Permissions

Pingboard offers three levels of access for your users:

User is our baseline access level and its permissions are controlled by Admins. With default permission settings, standard Users can:

  • Edit their own Profile (name, birthday, contact info, etc.)
  • View and download the Live Org Chart
  • View and comment on Planning Org Charts when added as a Collaborator on those charts
  • View the Directory and individual Profiles
  • Fill out Custom Fields
  • Join Groups and Locations
  • View and create statuses

Pro Users are situated in-between Admins and Employees. They have access to everything the Employee role has access to, plus a few extra abilities:

  • Create and edit Planning Org Charts
  • View, comment on and edit Planning Org Charts when added as a Collaborator
  • Access all Employee features

Admins have the highest level of access in your Pingboard account and can view and edit any information in Pingboard. For example, Admins can:

  • Create and edit Employee profiles
  • Create and edit Groups & Locations
  • Create and edit Custom Fields
  • Create, edit and organize Org Charts
  • Create, edit, and download Reports
  • Set view and edit permissions for Groups, Locations, and Custom Fields
  • Customize Pingboard's terminology (edit what your organization calls "Employees", etc.)
  • Create, edit, or deny statuses for anyone in Pingboard
  • Enable and set up Integrations (Google, Okta, Slack, etc.)
  • Edit other customizations and information in Pingboard, and distribute access to others
  • Access all Employee-level features
  • Change plans and billing information
Note If you find yourself unable to find or edit something, your Admin may have chosen to limit permissions for that data.

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