Add Photos

Admins can upload photos or change an Employee’s photo by editing the Employee's user profile the same way they would their own. 

Import & Sync Photos

If you sync information to Pingboard from Google, ADP, Microsoft, or Bamboo, profile photos from those services will automatically be imported as well. 

Otherwise, you can use our batch import tool to import a selection or folder of photos all at once and match them to the right profiles.

Add Your Own Photo

  1. Hover over your existing photo or initials in the upper right corner of Pingboard, then select Edit Profile
  2. Under the Basics tab, select Add Your Photo or your existing profile photo to import a new image.
  3. Upload a file from your computer or copy and paste a link, then follow the prompts to finish importing your new photo.

Remove Photos

To remove a photo, click the Edit button on a profile, then choose the small X button on the uploaded image and Save

Tip: We recommend using a JPEG file for best results, but we support all image file types. Make sure that your headshot is centered in the photo, and that your image is 400x400 or larger.

Note: If you don't see the option to upload your own photo, that means your Admin has turned this option off and only your Admin can upload a new photo to your profile for you. To get in touch with one of the Admins on your account to help with changing your photo, visit the Help page. 

Still need help? Let us know.