Pingboard is an invite-only tool, so a basic profile is needed for each employee before an Admin can invite someone to Pingboard or add them to an Org Chart.

Ways Admins Can Create a Profile: 


Admins have a couple of options to create profiles for employees in Pingboard, the easiest of which is importing them from an existing source. Use the CSV Import option, choose from one of our data integrations, or set up a connection between Pingboard and an SFTP server (if you have one) to automatically generate and update profiles.


Org Chart Page

Add profiles from the Org Chart page by choosing the option on the Employees sidebar on the right (click the light grey arrow tab that says "Build" if the sidebar is collapsed) and typing in basic info for this new profile. You can also choose an empty role card, which opens the Edit Role panel on the right, then type a name into the Select a Person field. If you don't find the person you're looking for, use the + Add New Employee option to create a profile for them and place them on the selected role card. 


Directory & Admin Menu

Another option is to create that profile from the Employees page. Travel to Account > Manage Employees or Directory > Employees, then select + New at the top to create a profile. 


Filling In Your Pingboard Profile

If you’ve received an email invite to Pingboard, it means that a profile has already been created for you and it's ready for you to finish – all you need to do is use the Complete Your Profile button in your invite email and fill in any missing information.

Welcome Email Example

Note: You can make changes to your profile at any time by selecting your avatar in the upper right corner of Pingboard and choosing Edit Profile.

Note: When creating a profile, we recommend adding First Name, Last Name, Job Title, and Email Address at least. Email addresses are required for sending an invite to a new user. 

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