Directories include several views to help you find everyone in your organization or people in specific Teams and Locations.

The Everyone Directory view can be seen as a Grid or List using the buttons on the top right, where you can also sort by either first or last name. 

In Grid view, employee badges with photos and job titles will be displayed in alphabetical order. If an employee has an active event (like a birthday or work anniversary), or a current status (if they're on vacation or out sick), a small icon indicating that event will be displayed on their badge. If you don't want birthdays or work anniversaries to appear in the directory, an admin can change the permissions for those fields to Admin Only on the Custom Fields page.

In List view, names, photos, and event icons will be displayed in a more compact format, along with Job Title and other information listed to the right of name and photo.

Admins can customize which fields are displayed on cards or in List view from the Settings page in Pingboard.

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