Directories include several views to help you find everyone in your organization via the Employees page or on the Departments, Groups, and Locations pages. 

For navigating the Employees page, you'll find Core Values and Links at the very top, as well as widgets for highlighting Applause, Explore, and Upcoming Celebrations on the right. The Departments, Groups, and Locations pages won't include the Core Values and Company Links, but they will include the widgets on the right as well as a description for the group at the top. 

When searching the Directory pages you can view it as a Grid or List using the buttons on the top right, which is where you can sort the list by either first name, last name, or by the other two fields of your Admin's choosing. 

Grid to List View in Directory

In Grid view, the employee photos will be enlarged. In List view, names and photos will be displayed in a more compact format, along with other information listed to the right of their name and photo.

The Directory also includes filtering options at the top to help you find an individual who maybe has a certain skill like Photoshop editing or blog writing or maybe you wish to see common interests before your next meeting with someone. You can type in a name at the top to search and/or filter by certain criteria by selecting the dropdown filters to navigate your Directory more easily. 

Note: Admins can customize which two fields are sortable and visible under the profiles by visiting Admin > Settings > Customize Profile Cards

Note: Admins have the ability to change the Company Terms, so for example, your Employees section may say Colleagues and your Departments may say Teams. Admins can update these Terms at any time under the Admin > Settings > Terminology section to fit your organization's culture better. 

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