Import employee data with a CSV

Admins can upload profile information for people in their company quickly with CSV imports. You can use a CSV to update any Custom Field information in Pingboard, along with Teams and Locations.

Fill out your CSV according to our template to add information for fields, Locations, Teams, and whatever else you need to update in Pingboard.

By default, CSV imports only populate data to empty fields and will not overwrite existing data in Pingboard. To overwrite data with information in a CSV import, include the word "overwrite" in the column header for that field (for example, to overwrite Job Titles, your column header in the CSV should read "Job Title Overwrite").

Note Teams and Locations will automatically be created in Pingboard based on Teams and Locations listed in your CSV import, but keep in mind that Custom Fields will need to exist in Pingboard before they can be updated with a CSV. For instance, if you're trying to add data for your Employees' "Favorite Candy", you'll need to create that Custom Field in Pingboard before you can include data for a "Favorite Candy" field in a CSV import. 

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