What are Custom Fields?

Profile Fields are the building blocks of Employee Profiles in Pingboard – your Fields in Pingboard and their settings determine what information can be listed in Pingboard, and who can add and edit that information.

Custom Fields are fields you create specifically for your organization. You can use these to help employees to engage in your company’s culture, share specific details about themselves with their coworkers (or just with their Admins), keep track of specific skills, and even see what projects people are working on.

You can add any Custom Fields you’d like for your organization, across multiple types (text, choice, date, checkbox, etc). To get you started with some ideas, here’s a list of the top 10 most popular custom fields on Pingboard:

  1. Personal Email
  2. Hometown
  3. Ask Me About...
  4. Favorite Food
  5. Certifications
  6. Favorite Drink
  7. Favorite Color
  8. Fluent Languages
  9. Favorite Sports Team
  10. Pets


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