In addition to the standard information fields included for all companies, Custom Fields are fields you create specifically for your organization.

You can use these to help employees to engage in your company’s culture, share specific details about themselves with their coworkers (or just with their Admins), keep track of specific skills, or see what projects people are working on.

If you need some inspiration for your account's custom fields, check out the Custom Fields page and choose anything you like from our Suggested Fields menu:


Here's the full list:

Working Together

  • Desk Location (Text)
  • Current Goal (Text)
  • Pronouns (Text)
  • Languages (Tag)
  • Current Projects (Tag)
  • What I'm Learning (Text)

Getting to Know Each Other

  • College (Tag)
  • Hometown (Text)
  • How to Pronounce My Name (Text)
  • Hobbies (Tag)
  • Children (Text)
  • Pets (Text)

Personality Profiles

  • Myers-Briggs Type (Choice)
  • StrengthsFinder (Choice)

Favorite Things

  • Favorite Coffee Shops (Tag)
  • What I'm Watching (Tag)
  • What I'm Reading (Tag)
  • Favorite Books (Tag)
  • Favorite Food (Text)
  • Favorite Podcasts (Tag)
  • Favorite Movies (Tag)
  • Favorite Artist or Band (Tag)
  • Favorite Restaurants (Tag)
  • Favorite Sports (Choice)
  • Favorite Teams (Tag)

HR & Admin

  • Emergency Contact (Text)
  • T-Shirt Size (Choice)
  • Employee # (Text)
  • Employee Type (Choice)
  • Home Phone (Phone Number)
  • Home Email (Email)
Tip: Click and drag any field with a 6 dot symbol on the left-hand side to rearrange the order of the fields within that section.
Note: At this time, fields cannot be moved between sections.

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