Create and Edit your Org Chart

Pingboard draws information from profiles (name, photo, and job title) to build a beautiful, functional, and interactive Org Chart. Sometimes that information may still need to be organized according to your reporting structure, and Admins can add their organization’s structural information in a number of ways:


Import Reporting Data


Reporting information for Org Charts can be batch-uploaded using a CSV. To get started, download our CSV template and follow the instructions. Be sure to pay attention to the “Manager’s Email” column in the template – that’s what Pingboard uses to import each person’s reporting data. You can always find the template and instructions by clicking on the Tools button in the Org Chart and selecting Import Reporting Data from the drop-down menu.


Sync Data

If your company uses Google Apps, Okta, or Azure AD to store and sort employee information, these services can be synced to instantly import employee data and keep it up-to-date. Visit our Apps & Integrations section to read up on syncing data with your company's Pingboard.


Sort Manually

You can also organize your Org Chart manually from the Org Chart Page.

If there’s a red circle on the Tools button in the far right corner of the Org Chart, that means you have members of your organization who haven’t been organized yet. Click on the Tools button, then select Organize Missing Employees from the drop-down menu to quickly assign managers to their Direct Reports.

Hovering over user badges in the Org Chart will reveal other manual sorting options: an Edit button and a plus-sign icon

  • Click on the Edit button to add or edit the person they report to, sort their Direct Reports, or make changes to their Department
  • Click on the plus-sign icon on the bottom of a badge to add employees that report to that person, or make them the manager of a Department

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