Enabling the Teams Integration in Pingboard

With the Teams Integration for Pingboard, you can receive notifications about Applause, Calendar Status updates, and Celebrations directly in Teams. 

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In order to enable this integration, you must be a Global Administrator in your Microsoft 365 account, and you must have Admin permissions in your Pingboard account.

Note: The Teams Integration is only available on our Essential and Pro Plans

How do I set up the Teams Integration?

  1. First, you'll want to add your Pingboard app to your Teams account by navigating to Apps in your left hand menu in Teams.
  2. Once on the "Apps" page, type in Pingboard in the search bar and select Pingboard > Add to a team.
  3. You will then be instructed to select a team or channel where you would like Pingboard posts to appear. Type in a team or channel name, and then click the "Set up a bot" button. You will see a "Welcome to Pingboard" bot message once complete.
  4. Now that you have installed the Pingboard app in your Teams account, you'll need to log into Pingboard to complete setup. Navigate to Account > Add-Ons in your left hand menu in Pingboard.
  5. Select Microsoft Teams under “Third Party Integrations”.
  6. Select Connect Pingboard for Teams. You will then be instructed to complete the authorization process. 
  7. Once you have accepted the permissions needed to install this integration, under the Settings tab, you can select which Pingboard updates you’d like to appear in your Microsoft Teams account, and where you’d like those notifications to appear. Note: you can only select one Team and Channel per notification type.
  8. Click the Save button. 

How do I ensure all of my "Teams" appear in the integration settings?

In step 7 above, if any of your "Teams" are not appearing in the drop down menu and you would like to be able to choose those Teams for your Pingboard notifications, you must make sure the following criteria has been enabled from your Microsoft Teams Admin Center.

  1. Under Teams > Manage Teams, the privacy setting for the Teams you'd like to connect to Pingboard must be set as "Public".
  2. Under Teams > Manage Teams, the status setting for the Teams you'd like to connect must be "Active". 
  3. Under Admin Center > Groups, any Microsoft365 Groups that you would also like to appear as Teams must be connected to Microsoft Teams.

How do I manage the Teams Integration?

Once you have completed configuration and the Teams Integration for Pingboard has been enabled, you can make changes at any time. Your settings for this integration can only be adjusted in Pingboard, not in Microsoft Teams.

You can add or remove categories of Pingboard notifications as desired, but you will be prompted to reauthorize Microsoft Teams access to Pingboard as you do so. 

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