Assigning To-Dos for Your Onboarding Checklists

What are To-Dos?


To-Dos are actionable items that can be assigned to a specific user in Pingboard to make it clear who is responsible for an action and, in cases where due dates have been added, when those items are due. 

Note: At this time, To-Dos are only available when using Onboarding Checklists under the Pingboard Pro Plan.

When it comes to Onboarding Checklists in Pingboard, To-Dos can be assigned to users who will be involved in the onboarding process for a new hire. For example, you might assign a To-Do to your IT Manager to set up a laptop for a new hire. Or, you might assign a To-Do to the new hire’s manager to remind them to send a welcome message to the new hire on their first day.

To-Dos can be assigned within an Onboarding Checklist, and they will show up both on that specific checklist and on the Homepage for the assignee under a tile named My To-Dos. 

How do I assign To-Dos?


To assign an item to a user as a To-Do:

  1. Head to the individual’s Onboarding Checklist or the Onboarding Checklist Template, select +Item to add a new item to your checklist, and start typing your To-Do.
  2. Click the calendar icon to the right to add a due date for the item [Optional].
  3. Click the person icon next to the calendar icon to add a user to the item. When clicked, a search bar will appear. 
  4. To search for a Pingboard user, simply start typing the name of the person who you want to assign the item to, and select their name.
  5. Once a To-Do has been assigned, the assignee will receive a notification.

How do To-Do notifications work?

Onboarding Notification (1).svg

When you assign an item as a To-Do, the assigned Pingboard user will receive an email notifying them that they have been assigned a To-Do in Pingboard. They will also receive a notification in the Pingboard platform, and that To-Do, as well as any other To-Dos assigned to them, will show up on their Homepage under My To-Dos.

The assignee can configure notification settings in Pingboard under Preferences in their user account. 

Who can assign To-Dos?

The following Pingboard users can assign To-Dos:

  • Anyone with Admin and Company Editor permissions can assign To-Dos on an Onboarding Checklist. 
  • Anyone who is designated in a role above the new hire in the reporting chain in Pingboard can also assign To-Dos on an Onboarding Checklist for that new hire.

Who can view assigned To-Dos?


The following Pingboard users will be able to view assigned To-Dos:

  • The Admin or Editor who created the Onboarding Checklist will be able to view all assigned To-Dos for that checklist.
  • The person who has been assigned To-Dos will be able to view them on their Homepage under My To-Dos. (On the mobile app, My To-Dos can be found on the For Me page.)
  • The new hire for whom the Onboarding Checklist has been created will be able to view any onboarding To-Dos on the Homepage under My To-Dos. They will also be able to see their own To-Dos and any other assigned To-Dos on the Onboarding Checklist.

What else should I know about assigning To-Dos?

  • Only one user can be assigned to a single To-Do.
  • You may only assign To-Dos to users who are in your Pingboard account.
  • In your Onboarding Checklist, if an item has not been assigned to a specific user, the default setting is that the item will automatically show up as a To-Do for the new hire for whom the Checklist was created.
  • If a user is assigned To-Dos across multiple checklists, all of their assigned To-Dos will show up on their Homepage in order of Onboarding Checklist start date, not in order of due date. If there is no start date associated with an Onboarding Checklist, the default sort date will be the date the checklist was created. 
  • If you want the same person to be assigned a To-Do across multiple Onboarding Checklists, be sure to assign that person on the original Template to ensure the assignment will be carried over across any Onboarding Checklist created from that Template. 

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