Whether you're using a separate project management tool or documents, onboarding can be a chore to keep up with when it's not conveniently managed in your employee engagement platform. As an onboarder, you may find yourself switching between too many tools or admins may have trouble managing new hires' progress.

Pingboard's Onboarding Checklists are a great way for new hires to keep up with their tasks with all of the things your organization needs them to know to set them up for success (i.e. how to post a Status to take time off, which link to go to if they need any new equipment, any training modules to complete, etc.). Admins will also have the ability to view each onboarders' progress to help make sure that that individual has support through every step of the way!


  1. To set-up Onboarding Checklists, select the Onboarding tab from your left-hand menu bar. 
  2. Choose + New to find an employee or create the new employee's profile, adding info like their name, email address, start date (this determines when the onboarding checklist becomes available to the new hire), and job title. 
  3. After choosing Next, you can create a title for the checklist by choosing + Heading and select + Item to create the task the onboarder will need to complete.
  4. Once you've written the Heading and/or Item, press enter to add it. 
  5. Return to Manage Onboarding to view progress for each new hire. 


Tip: You can style the text using the Markdown Style guide. This allows you to link to other parts of Pingboard (like the Mission and Values in the Directory) or to external platforms for training modules, etc. 
Tip: Once you've added your first checklist, you'll notice the option to Save as a Template. This allows you to save time with each new hire, while leaving room to customize it further dependent on the new hire's job title and/or Pingboard permission level.
Tip: If you have a data sync enabled, you will want to sync the profile for the new hire first prior to adding them to the onboarding checklist flow. 
Warning: By selecting Mark as Complete or Remove from Checklist, you will no longer see or have access to that new hire's onboarding checklist. 


  1. Accept your Pingboard Invite via your email to login and get started. 
  2. Once logged in, choose the Onboarding option from your left-hand menu bar. 
  3. View your Manager, Play Who's Who, and check out your upcoming tasks for onboarding. 
  4. As you go through the Onboarding items, you have the ability to check/uncheck them, go back to older trainings and tips, and view whether or not you are on-track to complete each item by the suggested dates. 
  5. After you have completed your onboarding, if you'd like to remove it from your view, you may select Complete Onboarding at the bottom of the page. 


Warning: By selecting Complete Onboarding, you will no longer have access to your onboarding checklist. 

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