1. Navigate to the 1:1 you need to reschedule.
  2. Select Edit Schedule.
  3. Type in a date or click the calendar to choose a time to reschedule your upcoming 1:1.
  4. If necessary, use the Repeats drop-down to change the recurrence of your 1:1.
  5. Select Save.


When saving, you'll be asked which meetings you're trying to reschedule.

  • Just this meeting - Reschedules only your upcoming 1:1, future meetings will remain scheduled as-is.
  • This and all future meetings - Reschedules your upcoming 1:1 and all future instances according to the recurrence you've selected. 
  • Only future meetings - Reschedules only future meetings according to the recurrence you've selected and the date you've chosen. Use this if you want to keep your upcoming 1:1 meeting scheduled as is but need to preemptively push other 1:1s forward on your calendar.

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