While 1:1s are designed to help create engaging, organic conversations, there may be some topics you want to make sure you cover every time. For instance, managers at Pingboard regularly ask "who deserves your applause this week?" to encourage employees to think about who they're grateful for on and off their team and remind them to give them a shoutout in Pingboard. Marking a topic as recurring will automatically add it to your 1:1 agenda every time you meet.

You can make any topic recurring from the 1:1 pages in PIngboard. Start by navigating to the 1:1 you want to add a recurring topic to.

  1. If you haven't already created the topic you want to make recurring, select the Plus (+) symbol under Topics and add the topic.
  2. Hover over the topic you want to make recurring and select the More (...) menu, then choose Make Recurring Topic.


Recurring topics will appear each time you meet with the person you've made that topic recurring for.

To change a topic back to non-recurring, hover over it, select the More (...) menu, then un-check Make Recurring Topic.

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