Before your 1:1 meeting takes place, you and the person you're meeting with will receive an email notification to remind you to prepare. It's a great time to jump into Pingboard and add some topics and notes about what you want to discuss. Both attendees can add notes, topics, and comments ahead of time so that each can set priorities and make sure time is made to talk about what's on their minds.


Current Topics

  1. Sign in to Pingboard.
  2. Select the 1:1 Meeting you want to add topics to from the menu on the right side of homepage.
  3. Select the Plus (+) symbol under Topics to create a new topic, then start typing to name it.

"For Next Time" Topics


To add topics for your next meeting, select the Plus (+) symbol under the Next Time section and follow the same steps you would to create a normal topic and add notes. If there are any topics you didn't get to during your current meeting, click and drag them to the For Next Time section to automatically add them to the agenda for your next meeting.

Tip: You can check to see who added a topic by hovering over it and selecting the More (...) icon. The topic's creator is listed at the bottom of the More (...) menu along with the date and time the topic was added.

Private Notes

image of a private note in a Pingboard 1:1 reminding the manager to announce their employee's surprise raise

While the main point of your agenda is to have something shared and collaborative, there may be times where you want to keep a note or a topic private to yourself until you're ready to bring it up (like a surprise raise, for instance). Private notes in your 1:1s will remain private to you, and both participants in the meeting can add their own private notes to the agenda that only they can see. Just like regular notes and topics, private notes are saved to that 1:1's agenda so you have them to reference as you look back at previous meetings.

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