Rollout Step 1: Get Your Team Excited About Pingboard

Identify Your Culture Advocates 

You know those magical people at your company who others seem to admire and look up to? Manager or not, they carry their weight in influence in your organization. Those are your culture advocates.  

When you can get these people to understand what Pingboard is and why it’s valuable, you’ll have others echoing your rallying call for why Pingboard is so cool. 

  1. To get the conversation started, we've done the heavy lifting and have included some helpful email copy here for you to use. We recommend selecting 5-8 people, then using your email as an icebreaker to explain why they’ve been chosen as an advocate and how they can help with the rollout. (PS - remember to check with managers re: workload to make sure these people are actually available!) 
  2. Set a meeting with your culture advocates and take the time to run through this slide deck. We’ve built a helpful narrative for you on each slide, but feel free to make this your own! Ours is only a jumping-off point. 
  3. We’ve also made a helpful video that you can include in your initial email, or watch it during the presentation (it’s embedded on one of the slides!).
  4. Most importantly, don't forget to invite your chosen culture advocates to Pingboard so they can try it out themselves.


From there, empower your chosen culture advocates at any time to help you think of custom field ideas, custom status types, and all the ways you can make Pingboard reflect how your organization walks and talks.

We hope these tips make it even easier for you and your team to start using Pingboard. We are always open to suggestions, so if you’ve thought of anything else that we didn’t cover here that would help with rollout, let us know

Step 2: Finalize Customizations

Still need help? Let us know.