Set Up and Configure the Microsoft Add-On


To set up the Microsoft 365 Add-On for Pingboard, you'll need:

  • A paid Pingboard account.
  • Admin access in Pingboard.
  • Admin access in Microsoft 365.
  1. Sign in to your Pingboard account, then navigate to the Add-Ons section (Admin > Add-Ons).
  2. Select Microsoft from the Add-Ons list.
  3. Select Set Up, then choose Connect with Microsoft.
  4. Enter your Microsoft 365 Admin credentials to authenticate. You'll be asked to confirm the permissions you're giving to Pingboard to view your Microsoft 365 Data.
  5. Confirm the connection between your Pingboard and Microsoft accounts.


When you finish authenticating, your Microsoft and Pingboard accounts will be instantly connected. Microsoft SSO appears as an authentication option on your Pingboard login page, and the data sync from Microsoft to Pingboard is initiated immediately. Depending on the number of employees in your Microsoft 360 account, it may take an hour or more for the sync to fully complete, so feel free to navigate away and come back after a while. 



Once the integration is set up, you can configure how data that Pingboard receives is managed:

  • SSO Enabled - On by default. Adds or removes the "Sign in with Microsoft" button from your organization's login page.
  • Data Sync enabled - On by default. When on, regularly syncs data from Microsoft 365 to Pingboard. When off, the sync is paused (not disabled).
  • Overwrite Fields in Pingboard - Off by default, but recommended. When on, data synced from Microsoft profiles will overwrite data in Pingboard profiles every time. When off, data synced from Microsoft profile will only be appended to empty fields in Pingboard profiles.
  • Automatically Invite New Employees - Off by default. When on, an invite email from Pingboard will automatically be delivered to each new user synced from your Microsoft account.
  • Disable Microsoft - Severs the data connection between Microsoft and Pingboard accounts on the Pingboard side, removes the "Sign in with Microsoft" SSO option on the login page. The data connection and app install may still exist on the Microsoft side.


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