For your convenience, you can complete Surveys from the Pingboard mobile app. Whether you're waiting in line at the grocery store or taking a walk to get some fresh air, this is an easier way to provide your own vital input for your organization. 

To take the Survey:

  1. Select the Survey tile from the homepage. 
  2. Choose which Survey you'd like to take if there are multiple. 
  3. The Survey will start and you have the option to read more details about this Survey by selecting the info (i) icon in the upper-right to view the title, purpose, who made the Survey, whether it's anonymous or not, and the close time. 
  4. As you answer questions, you'll notice that the progress bar gets closer to completion with each answer and your answers will auto-save. 
  5. If you decide to leave the Survey from the mobile app and later return to complete it, you'll return to the last question you answered. 
  6. Once you've completed the Survey, you can Submit, and the Survey will no longer show up on the web or mobile homepages. 


Note: At this time, Survey results and creating/editing Surveys, are only available on the web app. 

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