Enable the Integration for Slack


To enable the Integration for Slack:

  1. Choose Account from your left-hand menu bar.
  2. Select Add-Ons.
  3. Then choose Slack > Settings to click through to the Enable option. 
  4. After you've enabled the connection, you can choose channels to receive notifications from Pingboard, like shown in the screenshot below. The channels you can choose from will be ones that are public to your organization only. 


screenshot of Slack notification options in Pingboard


Once an admin in your account has enabled the integration between Slack and Pingboard, you'll want to connect your account for more functionality.

Here are the steps to connect your accounts:

  1. Go into the Slack app.
  2. Find the Apps section at the bottom of Slack's side bar. 
  3. Add the Pingboard app if you haven't done so  by selecting Add apps and searching for Pingboard. 
  4. Select the Pingboard app from the menu to view the home tab at the top. 
  5. Select the message that says Connect Your Account
  6. You'll be redirected to a new page in your browser where you can select Link Account.


If you forget to take the above steps, don't worry, Pingbot in Slack will remind you to connect your accounts if you try to add an Applause, Status, or view the Pingboard homepage by sharing a "connect your accounts" link to easily take this step. 


For your convenience, our Privacy Policy can be found here.

Note: Pingboard's integration for Slack is available on the Essential and Pro plans. Please reach out to us at help@pingboard.com to learn more about how to get access to the integration for Slack if you don't have it at this time. 
Note: When you activate the integration for Slack, Slack usernames are displayed in Pingboard Profiles. Once selected, this takes you to your conversation with them in Slack where you can directly message them. 

Still need help? Let us know.