What's a Pingboard?

Keeping track of who’s who, who does what, and who works where is essential for companies of all sizes. Pingboard helps you keep everyone in the right place with the right information, so you can see your entire organization at-a-glance and dive into the details you need. 

The Essentials

Org Chart

The beating heart of Pingboard is your Org Chart – it’s easy to build, fully searchable, and simple to navigate. But what is an Org Chart?


Org Charts provide a visual overview of how your company is organized. Need to know who heads up the IT Team, or who manages James in Accounting? Just check your Org Chart. Want a better way than printouts or PDFs to share your live, evolving Org Chart with investors or others outside of your company? We have tools for that, too.

People Planning

Planning a re-org of your company's structure, or working a recent acquisition into your company's structure? Planning Org Charts empower you and your restructuring team to collaborate in the background with executives and managers on private Planning Org Charts, then launch your new structure to the rest of the team when you're ready for the big reveal.

Org Chart Planning

Employee Directory


Pingboard makes contacting the people you work with simple, easy, and fast, but Pingboard’s Directory isn’t just for contact details. Beautiful, customized profiles allow you to get to know your coworkers on a personal level. Custom Fields let you collect and store any information you need, from certifications and food allergies to favorite movies and more.

Build your Org Chart and Directory in a Single Step


Groups help you organize people into groups within your Directory – think of them as folders you can sort all of your people into. While most companies use Groups to represent various teams within the company, you might use them as project groups, or to help you represent multiple brands under your organization’s umbrella. You can create and belong to as many Groups as you want, and Admins choose whether a Group can be viewed or joined.


Locations let you organize people by office, complete with a physical address and a Google Maps view. You never have to ask who works where anymore – just check Pingboard.


Pingboard's search is powerful, fast, and flexible. Every person, group, and custom field is searchable in Pingboard on the web or on your phone. For instance, if you need to find a great candidate to speak at an upcoming event, you can search “public speaking” to find everyone with that skill.

Advanced Search lets you find something more specific, like someone who works at the San Francisco branch who has public speaking skills and works in marketing. Combine multiple attributes to quickly find the exact people you’re looking for.

Mobile Apps

Our native iOS and Android apps put your Org Chart and Directory in your hands wherever you go. Your information is always up-to-date and search makes finding the right person quick and simple. You can sync your coworkers to the contacts on your phone so you’ll always know who’s calling. Managers can choose to receive notifications about upcoming birthdays and work anniversaries for their team. If your company uses the Status integration, updating your status in just a few taps.

Who's Who

Ever forgotten a person’s name just as you’re bumping into them at the office? We all have, and it's never fun.

That's why we created Who's Who: an addictive addition to our iOS and Android apps. Put names to faces in a fun, engaging, and competitive way. Compete with your coworkers for the high score and learn more about your coworkers in the process.



Pingboard integrates with your favorite apps. Check out our Integrations page to see how to connect with Google Apps, Okta, Slack, ADP and more. With our API, you can also build custom integrations specific to your company and the tools you use.


Our Status integration helps you keep track of everyone whether they’re on vacation, traveling for business, or out sick. If you use Slack or Google Calendar, statuses and notifications sync with those apps, too.

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