Setup and Launch

Ready to build your Pingboard account? Awesome! We’re excited to get you up and running.

Build Your Org Chart
Everything in its right place


When you first open your Org Chart in Pingboard, choose the person you want at the very top (usually your CEO), then experiment by adding a few direct reports and maybe a placeholder or two for future hires.

You can continue to build your org chart manually if you want to, but the quickest option is to import your information. Pingboard offers two options for importing your company data and organization structure automatically: 


Already using another service like Google Apps, Okta, or Active Directory to store employee data? Perfect! Pingboard Pro lets you sync any of those services with your account to create profiles for everyone in your company, automatically build your Org Chart, and keep everything up-to-date as you make changes in your other tools. Choose a service below to set up syncing.

Import a CSV


If you need to get started without syncing you can import a CSV file instead. Most HR and payroll tools provide a CSV or Excel export, so you can import your existing reporting information by using the CSV Import options on the Sync & Import page. The Import Reporting Data option is always available, so you can continue to update your data with new CSV files as your company grows and changes. Self-Serve Org Chart imports available for Free accounts are limited to Names, Emails, Titles, and Managers.

Pingboard Standard plans also support a Full-Serve import so that you can import any information you want to your employee profiles (including Start Dates, Birthdays, Skills, and other Custom Field data).

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Quick Updates

To make changes in the Org Chart, hover over a card in the Org Chart and click the + button to add a direct report, or click Edit to change a person’s manager and update the fields on their card.


Customize Your Company
Make Pingboard yours

We want your account to really feel like it's yours. Customize Pingboard specifically to your company’s needs and culture on the Settings and Custom Fields pages. 


Make employees feel at home by adding your Logo to Pingboard on the Settings page. Your company's logo will be proudly displayed on your Pingboard's homepage.


Do you have a special name for your employees? Do prefer to call Groups “Squads” and Locations “Offices”? The Settings page in Pingboard lets you change the terms for Groups, Locations, and Employees, and your changes are reflected throughout Pingboard and the mobile apps.

Custom Fields

Custom Fields in Pingboard are the building-blocks of your Employee profiles and make it easy to gather information in one place instead of multiple spreadsheets. Create a few Custom Fields for your account to capture essential info (like certifications or employment type), employee details (like food allergies, shirt sizes, and emergency contacts), and fields that will help coworkers get to know each other better (favorite restaurant, first concert, pet’s names). Any Custom Fields you create are searchable in Pingboard and available in the mobile apps and Reports. You can also display Custom Fields on cards in the Directory and Org Chart (see below).

Need inspiration? Check out the Top 10 most popular Custom Fields.



Whatever data you’re tracking in Pingboard, we know you’ll want to keep it secure. Every field has its own set of permissions, so you can set rules for who can see or edit each one. Groups and Locations have their own permissions, too, so you know that you’ll always be able to find everyone in the right place. Keep in mind that Admins in Pingboard see everything, while Employees only see what Admins allow them to see.


Create Groups to organize your Directory into groups according to Departments, Project Teams, Subsidiaries, or any other groups need. Employees can belong to multiple groups, and adding cultural groups is a great way help your organization connect in more personal ways – like Pingboard's very own Parkour Team, for example.


Add each of your offices and sort each employee into the right place. Adding a Remote Location for your distributed employees is a good idea, too. While you can belong to as many Groups as you want to, each person can only be in one Location at a time.


Add Superpowers
Take your org chart to the next level



When you add a new card to the Org Chart, you can choose to create a Placeholder for a future hire or an open role. Unlike cards for actual people, Placeholder cards just have titles, such as “Sales Manager (TBH)”, since the role is currently open.

Customize Cards

Cards on your Org Chart are customizable, so you can choose what information you want to display on them. You might want to differentiate between full-time employees and contractors, for instance, or make sure mobile phone numbers are front-and-center. Click Customize Cards in the Tools menu to select which Custom Fields you want to display for the company.

Tip You can also customize the cards in the Directory from the Settings page.


Need to represent multiple companies in the same Org Chart or separate departments into branches? Create as many branches as you need from the Tools menu, with a different person at the top of each one.

Go Live
Everyone’s invited

Once you have Pingboard set up just right, a beautiful Org Chart, and an employee Directory full of essential info, it’s time to invite your team!


Our default invite email gives instructions for new Employees to download the mobile app, sign in, and finish their profile, but you can customize the invite email with any other information you'd like to add. Then, head to the Employees page and click Invite > Invite Employees to invite everyone in your organization. After you launch, you can re-send invites from this same spot to anyone who needs a gentle reminder to sign in.

Tip Announce Pingboard to your colleagues a day or two before you send the invite emails. Presenting Pingboard in all its glory at an all-hands meeting is the best way to get people excited to sign in, but you can also announce Pingboard in a company-wide email. Be sure to mention the Mobile Apps and Who’s Who.

To increase engagement, draft your announcement email and have leaders in the company send it out to their teams. 

Get Help
We’re just a click away

What if you or someone else needs help after everyone’s invited? We’ve got you covered!

Stop by the Help Center for quick, step-by-step answers to your questions. Click the big blue “?” in the top-right corner of Pingboard or tap Help in our mobile apps. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, use the handy contact form to get in touch with our fantastic support team (or just send an email to anytime). We’re always happy to help!


Celebrate 🎉!

Welcome to Pingboard!
We can’t wait to hear what a difference it makes for your company.


Note Pingboard supports the latest versions of the most popular web browsers, including Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer

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