Sync Employee photos from Google Workspace to Pingboard

Employee photos stored in Google will automatically sync to profiles in Pingboard if the Google Workspace integration is set up or an employee signs with the "Sign in with Google" option.

Pingboard looks for a person's Google/GSuite Profile photo (high-res) in their GSuite account first. If a person doesn't have high-res Google Profile photo, Pingboard will sync their Gmail thumbnail photo instead (not high-res).

Tip: Changing your Google Profile photo will not automatically change your photo in Pingboard unless your company has set your Google Workspace integration up to overwrite data in Pingboard.

To sync an updated photo from Google, edit your profile and remove (click the x next to) the Google Workspace Connected photo under the Social & Photo section. Sign out of Pingboard, then sign back in using the Sign in with Google option to sync your new photo to Pingboard.

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