What does the Okta integration do?

Okta is an identity management service which allows IT teams to manage employee access to any application or device connected with Okta.

Connecting Pingboard with Okta enables single sign-on through Okta accounts (SAML), adding an extra layer of security, and making it easier for your employees to log in.

Accounts and information can also be synced to Pingboard from Okta (SCIM) to keep your Pingboard account up-to-date. Adding and removing accounts in Okta creates or removes profiles in Pingboard. Several profile fields can also be synced from Okta to Pingboard, including:

  • First & Last Name
  • Nickname
  • Email
  • Job Title
  • Primary Phone
  • Manager (which helps keep your Org Chart current as changes are made)
  • Locale & Time Zone (not shown in profiles)

TIP Your Okta integration can be set up to overwrite existing field data in Pingboard – just be sure to disable manual editing for synced fields to avoid confusion between synced data and manual updates.

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