Provision users from Okta

Pingboard's Okta integration can sync employee profiles and field data from Okta to Pingboard. Adding or removing users in Okta adds or removes them from Pingboard and, if desired, updates to Okta fields can be pushed to Pingboard. Follow these steps to set up user provisioning through Okta:

  1. If you haven't set up SSO with Okta already, follow the steps in this article first.
  2. On the Okta integration page in Pingboard, click the checkbox marked "Enable user provisioning from Okta", then copy the token that appears underneath the checkbox.


  3. In Okta, paste the token from Pingboard into the "OAuth Bearer Token" field


  4. Enable Create Users in Okta (this creates profiles in Pingboard when the Pingboard app is assigned to a user in Okta).


  5. Enable Deactivate Users to automatically remove employees from Pingboard when they are removed from Okta, then click Save.


  6. Enable Update User Attributes in Okta to automatically overwrite field data in Pingboard when synced fields are updated in Okta – this will overwrite any manual edits made in Pingboard, so we highly suggest turning off employee editing for synced fields if you choose this option.


    If you enable attribute updating, you can customize your import settings by clicking Edit Mappings under the Attribute Mappings section at the bottom of the page.


    In the mapping editor, select Okta to Pingboard to customize field mapping and update options, then use the drop-down menus to change field mapping and choose how a field will be updated (write on user create only, overwrite on update, or do not map).


    Remember to click Save Mappings when you're finished!

  7. Once the integration is set up, you can automatically send invites to Pingboard when new profiles are synced from Okta by enabling "Send invite when someone is added" on the Okta integration page in Pingboard.


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