Assign Departments to Managers

Departments add color and clarity to your Org Charts. Think of them as badges that you can apply to managers' cards, creating a banner of color and text to make it clear which Department a person oversees and who belongs in it.

You can assign Departments to managers by including a "Department" column in a CSV import, or add them manually from the Org Chart page:




  1. Select and drag a Department card from the Build menu and position it above its leader (a blue line will appear on top of the leader’s card to indicate where the Department will be placed).
  2. Select the newly assigned Department, type a name, and select a color - your choices are saved automatically.


When you're finished editing, the person in the Role you selected is named the head of the Department and their Direct Reports inherit that Department as well (notice they'll all share the same color). For example, Kathryn in the image above is the head of the Product Department, so anyone who reports to Kathryn is assigned to the Product Department as well.

If a Department has multiple leaders who manage it, you can drag any additional leaders' cards onto the Department card to place them as a co-leader of the Department, complete with their individual reporting chain.

To remove a Department, hover over a department card, select the More (...) menu, then choose Remove Department.

Tip: When you include Departments in a CSV import, Pingboard automatically identifies the top person in that Department and makes them the head. Add multiple Departments to a single leader or assign employees to a leaderless Department by following our instructions here.
Note: Departments are specific to the Org Chart and cannot be synced from data sources (like Google or Okta) at this time.

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