Add Departments to the Org Chart

Departments add color and clarity to your Org Chart in Pingboard. Think of them as badges that you can apply to managers' cards, creating a banner of color and text to make it clear which Department they oversee and who belongs to it.




To assign a Department to an existing Role, click the View button to enter Edit Mode, find the Department's manager on the Org Chart and click the Add (+) button above their card, then select Department.

Type a name for the Department and select a color, your choices will be saved automatically. As soon as you're finished editing, the person in the Role you selected is named the head of the Department and everyone beneath them automatically belongs to it as well (notice they share the same color). 

When a Department is assigned to a Manager, their Direct Reports inherit that Department as well – for example, Renata in the example above is the head of the Mobile department, so anyone who reports to Renata and doesn't also manage their own separate Department will automatically be associated into Mobile.

To remove a Department, click on the color-coded department above a manager's card and select Remove Department on the bottom of the editor on the right-hand side.

Syncing Departments

As Departments are tied to the Org Chart structure, we're not able to sync the information from a datasource. A sync may create discrepancies if someone belongs in a Department other than the one assigned to their manager.


Tip For now, each person can only manage a single Department. If a leader on your chart manages multiple Departments, consider creating a combined Department on their Org Chart card and getting more granular with Group assignments. Or, create Placeholders beneath a manager's card to represent each Department they oversee.

Note Departments are specific to the Org Chart and cannot be included in Reports exported from Pingboard at this time.

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