What does the ADP integration do?

With the ADP Data Connector for ADP Workforce Now, you can:

  • Enable secure Single Sign-On to allow your employees access to Pingboard with their ADP username and password.
  • Keep your headcount in-sync as employees are added and removed from ADP (all Active employees will be synced).
  • Import employee data from ADP, including:
    • Name
    • Nickname
    • Email
    • Mobile Phone
    • Office Phone
    • Job Title
    • Start Date
    • Manager
    • Photo
    • Locations
    • Groups (pulled from Departments in ADP)
  • Keep data up-to-date in Pingboard by syncing changes from ADP to Pingboard.


Note: The ADP Data Connector is designed for and currently works with ADP Workforce Now accounts. Other versions of ADP may not be supported.
Tip: Data is pulled in for each new employee when they're first synced to Pingboard, but ADP won't overwrite existing employee data in Pingboard unless you turn on Overwrite Fields in Pingboard.

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