What does the Google Apps integration do?

With the Google Apps integration for Pingboard, you can power up your Pingboard account with information already in GSuite.

  • Enable single sign-on through Google Apps (OAuth)
  • Automatically sync employees with Pingboard as they are created or removed in Google Apps (and choose who is synced)
  • Import employee data from Google, including:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email Address
    • Google Profile Photo
    • Job Title
    • Manager
    • Mobile Phone
  • Automatically invite synced employees to Pingboard
  • Display Google Calendar events on employee profiles
  • Sync Pingboard Statuses to Google Calendar
  • Keep synced fields up-to-date with data in G-Suite profiles

When the Google Apps integration is enabled, we'll sync data from your GSuite directory daily (or whenever changes are made on your Google Sync Management page). 

Tip Photos from Google are synced daily and follow the same overwrite rules as other data synced from Google.

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