Sync Pingboard Statuses to Google Calendar

Pingboard can automatically sync employee status updates to your organization's Google Calendar to help you unify your event data and keep everyone in the loop when you're out.

Sync options are found by selecting Account > Add-Ons > Google Workspace > Settings. Once your options are set, statuses are synced one way from Pingboard to Google.

Google Calendar settings in Pingboard
  • Company calendar: Turn on "Create Google Calendar for status updates" to sync statuses onto a shared Google calendar accessible to your entire company (Pingboard will automatically create it for you). Once this setting is on, statuses are synced to the calendar we create for you as well as the status owner's personal calendar.
  • Additional Group calendars: If your organization is larger, Group Calendars are a great way to avoid calendar clutter. Type the name of a Group or Location in Pingboard into the Group Calendars section to create a new Google Calendar specific to (and visible to) that Group.

With the exception of "Remote" types, all statuses created in Pingboard will mark their owner as "busy" in Google Calendar by default. However, you can adjust the "busy" option when adding or editing Status Types with this integration. 

Tip: Group calendars in Pingboard are only visible to people who belong to that Group in Pingboard.

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