You can search for anyone in Pingboard based on fields they have in their profile. Whether you're looking for someone on the finance team who knows your billing system or someone on the design team who knows HTML, Pingboard can help you find them.

Search Bar

Use the search bar at the top of Pingboard to search for anyone in your organization by name, job title, or other fields in Pingboard (start date, Department, skill, etc.). Search results will find the person or persons you're looking for so that you can see individuals or groups of people based on shared profile information.


Directory Search

Use the Directory Search when you need to search across several terms at once – for instance when you need to find an illustrator who knows how to use Photoshop. To filter the search, select a field or multiple fields from the desired drop-down and then choose Apply. Multiple filters can be applied at once to narrow your search easily. 

Org Chart Search

The Org Chart Search is available directly above your Org Chart, centered at the top. This search allows you to type in a person's name or job title to find them on the Org Chart.


Note: Some fields may not be searchable if they have been excluded for searches by your Admins. Admins can adjust these settings under Account > Custom Fields and by following these steps

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