You can search for anyone in Pingboard based on any field they have in their profile. Whether you're looking for someone on the finance team who knows your billing system or someone on the design team who knows HTML, Pingboard can help you find them.

searching by skill in Pingboard

Use the search bar on the right side of the navigation bar to search for anyone in your organization by name, job title, or any other field in Pingboard (birthday, Groups, favorite food, etc.). Search results will find the person or persons you're looking for so that you can see individuals or groups of people based on shared profile information.

You can also use booleans (like searching for "location + job title") to narrow your searches.

use advance search in Pingboard

Use Advanced Search when you need to search across several terms at once – for instance when you need to find an illustrator who knows how to use Photoshop. To add terms to your search, select the Add (+) buttons and use the drop-down menus to find exactly what you're looking for.


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