Pingboard allows you to import data from Zenefits into Pingboard with an easy CSV file import.

Free accounts can import Org Chart data (Names, Emails, Job Titles, and Managers), while Team and Company accounts will let you use CSVs to update any Custom Field information in Pingboard, along with Teams and Locations.

First, export data from Zenefits

Use these instructions from Zenefits' Help Center to export data from the Zenefits Employees app. Select the box that says “Active Employees” when setting up your export, and be sure to check boxes for Name, Email, and Job Title in the Details section to be included in the export.

Open the export on your computer, then edit the spreadsheet by removing any columns without data or fields that you don't want to import to Pingboard. When you finish editing the data, make sure to change the file format from .xls to .csv.

Keep in mind, if you want your Pingboard Org Chart to be built automatically, your CSV will also need a Reports To column listing each manager's email address.

Next, import your data into your Pingboard account

Once you're finished editing your spreadsheet, it's time to import that CSV data into Pingboard. Use Pingboard's Org Chart import tools to import your exported CSV and build your Org Chart.

Note: CSV stands for "comma-separated values", a specific type of spreadsheet file that you can export or "save as" in most spreadsheet software (like Excel).

Import your CSV to Pingboard

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