Import Data from Gusto

Pingboard allows you to import data from Gusto into Pingboard with an easy CSV import.

Free accounts can import Org Chart data (Names, Emails, Job Titles, and Managers), while Standard and Pro accounts will let you use CSVs to update any Custom Field information in Pingboard, along with Teams and Locations.

First, Export Data from Gusto

Follow the instructions from Gusto's Help Center to download a report of your employee information. Make sure that your report includes First Name, Last Name, Job Title, and Manager.

Download your export, then edit the spreadsheet by removing any columns without data or fields that you don't want to import to Pingboard.

Next, import your data into your Pingboard account.

Once you're finished editing your spreadsheet, it's time to import that CSV data into Pingboard. Use Pingboard's Org Chart import tools to import your exported CSV and build your Org Chart.

Next Steps Import your CSV to Pingboard

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