Create Planning Org Charts

With Planning Org Charts, you and your fellow Admins can create private org charts to plan for the future of your company. Use these org charts to explore ideas for reorganizing a team or the whole company, collaborate on hiring plans for the next quarter, find ways to improve efficiency, and get everyone into the right roles.

Here's how it works

As an Administrator on a Team plan or above, click on your Org Chart in Pingboard - you'll see a menu marked Live Org Chart just underneath the Pingboard logo. Click on that menu to create a new Planning Org Chart, manage existing ones, or quickly switch to a recently active one.


Choose your starting point and view options

When creating a new Planning Org Chart, choose whether to copy the Primary Org Chart or start with a blank slate. Planning charts are only viewable by Admins, but if you want to keep your chart private you can also select the "only me" view option to make sure that you're the only person in Pingboard who will have access to your new chart (you can change that later)


You can make any changes you like to your Planning Org Charts, including updating job titles and adding Placeholders for future hires. All additions and edits in a Planning Org Chart are only reflected within that specific org chart. You can switch back to the Primary Org Chart (which is what the entire company views) at any time.

We have many ideas for additional features, including sharing with specific people, planning for a single department, and exporting changes. Please tell us what you'd like to see!

Change the name of a planning org chart

On the Planning Org Chart page, click the overflow menu next to the org chart you'd like to copy and select Rename.

Create a new org chart based on a planning org chart

On the Planning Org Chart page, click the overflow menu next to the org chart you'd like to copy and select Duplicate.

Export a planning org chart

The same way you would your Primary Org Chart – click the download icon to save an image or PDF. By default, the title is the name of your Planning Org Chart.

Delete a planning org chart

On the Planning Org Chart page, click the overflow menu next to the org chart you'd like to copy and select Delete. Be sure to check with the person who created it first!

Change a person’s title or other information in a planning org chart

Editing someone's info works the same way as it would on your Primary Org Chart. Hover your cursor over their card, click Edit, then Edit Info. The changes you make will only be shown in that Planning Org Chart.

Add people to a planning org chart

Anyone who is in your Directory can be added to a Planning Org Chart. You can't add a person to Pingboard from within a Planning Org Chart – we want to make sure your future hires aren't accidentally revealed to the rest of the team! You can add them to Pingboard like you normally would, though, or use a Placeholder in your Planning Org Chart.

Make a Planning Chart LIVE

When your planning chart is complete and the restructure you've been working on is implemented, you can set your planning chart to Live. On the org chart management page, click on the overflow menu next to the chart you want to use and select Promote to Live Org Chart. That chart will replace your current Live Org Chart, and all changes made on your planning chart will immediately take effect in Pingboard, including Job Title and Reports To updates for your employees.


When you replace your current live org chart with a planning chart, your previous Live chart will be archived on your org chart management page, titled with the date it was archived. Those charts stay accessible to Admins, so you'll always be able to look back at the history of your organization.

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