Add Placeholders and Hiring Roles

Open Roles are great for documenting new to-be-hired positions, or recently opened positions on established teams. You can create an Open Role anywhere on your Org Chart by dragging a role card from the Build menu into a new spot on your chart. There are two types of blank cards in Pingboard:

  • Open Roles - Empty cards with Job Titles only. These are usually added as placeholders, or to add structure to your chart before you start adding staff members to the prepared structure of your chart.
  • Hiring Roles - Empty roles promoted for Hiring purposes. These contain Job Titles and Descriptions and are highlighted on your Live Org Chart, Homepage, and in several outgoing notifications from Pingboard (like your organization's "This Week" Email).



  1. Drag a Role Card from the Build menu on the right and position it on your Org Chart (drag it onto a manager’s card to position it under that manager, or drag it next to an existing card).
  2. Add a Job Title or search for and select the person who belongs in that role using the Role Editor on the right side of the screen.
  3. To make it a Hiring Role, select your newly added Role Card and enable the Hiring slider.
  4. Add Description to give a high-level idea of what the role entails or add a link to a Job Listing hosted somewhere else - your changes are saved automatically.

Once your Hiring Role has been filled and a Pingboard Profile has been created for your new teammate, you can drag them onto the Hiring Role to place them into that role on the Org Chart, or:

  1. Select the Hiring Role Card on the Org Chart page.
  2. De-select the Hiring slider.
  3. Enter the name of the person filling the role in the Select a person box and choose the recently added employee who will fill that role.
Tips: Open Roles do not have profiles and only appear within the Org Chart. They aren't shown in the Directory or search results, and will not be added to your overall employee headcount in Pingboard. They will also not appear in any data exports from Pingboard.

Use Markdown to add styles like bold or italic text to your role descriptions, or to include links to listings on hiring boards, etc.

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