Change your Chart's Layout and Orientation

Pingboard's default Org Chart keeps relationships easy to see at-a-glance by organizing Direct Reports into vertical groups.

If another layout works better for your organization, it's easy to adjust your layout.


Expand Reports Horizontally

  1. On the Org Chart page, select Options and choose Layout Options.
  2. Select Inline to switch from our compact vertical view to a more traditional, horizontal layout.
  3. Save your changes.

NoteWith Stacked selected, Pingboard will still automatically expand the first few rows of your Org Chart horizontally to make sure that the upper-leadership levels of your organization are easy to see.


Push new Levels to their own Rows

  1. On the Org Chart page, select Options and choose Layout Options.
  2. Select Uniform to switch from our space-saving vertical alignment and extend each level of your chart to its own individual row.
  3. Save your changes.


Note: Any changes you make to the Org Chart's display settings apply to everyone in the company - how you see the chart is how others will see it, too.

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